I provide research, cataloguing and digital services to public and private institutions and individuals. Projects have included listing private collections of historical archives, libraries and artefacts; also genealogical and legal historical research as well as significant art history provenance projects.
Technical services are also provided: website and database design and maintenance, interface design (e.g. online library or museum catalogues), e-commerce, digitisation (including project management) and museum and archival inventory.

Services include

Research – Title and probate genealogy research, Provenance research
Listing and cataloguing
Archival inventory and logistics
Museum inventory and audit projects
Proofing and copyediting
Book indexing
Powerpoint presentations
Report writing
Digitisation: text and images
Data re-purposing including legacy data

Data can come in lots of forms: photographs, slides, typescript, manuscripts, Word files and databases. I’ve had to tackle black bin bags, boxes, filing cabinets, 3.5″ disks, USB sticks, etc.
For over two decades I have worked with data, whether in hard copy or digital form, in order to get it into shape for projects. To use data efficiently it must first be organised and put into an order that makes it useful. As a qualified information specialist with plenty of experience with various software and not put off by boxes or filing cabinets of files I bring a systematic attitude to your data.

Before any work is begun what you want to achieve will be discussed and I will offer my experienced opinion and explain what can be done.

At the end of the project I will return your information in the shape that suits you: this may be in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or MySQL database files, or JPGs or TIFFs.

I also offer research services, which is investigative and requires knowing the sources so that the research can be done as efficiently as possible. I specialise in historical research whether relating to land/title or architectural, family history (including probate research) or provenance research. The result will be presented to you in a report or presentation as required.