Digital Projects

From text to digital – experience of dealing with all types of digital data can improve the result

Digital Projects

Do you need a report prepared that includes a specification that will give a pathway to digitisation? I research and write reports set out the background, the project steps, the type of work that needs to be carried out, recommendations for best practice and standards, and the plan of work — particularly digitisation projects or software specification for data projects, e.g. catalogues (also see Museum-related research).

Is your website in need of a new look? I will take your information (text, images, etc) and create a simple, easy-to-use, user-friendly website.
Do you need to create a searchable database for new or existing content? Get in touch!
If you are thinking of digitising text and images (slides, photos, books, journals), then you can benefit from my extensive skills and experience. See examples of some of the projects I’ve done below.

Digital Projects (sample)

  • digitised the Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (1892-2012), c.24,000 pages; complete design and management of project incl. scanning, creating table of contents database, conversion to PDF, online search interface, etc. ( (2014-17)
  • designed and creation of collections management system in Microsoft Access for an Irish university heritage collection (2015)
  • various websites in HTML and CMS (Terminal4 and WordPress)
  • created Microsoft Access database for recording Insurance claims for an Irish university (2007; and maintenance)
  • scanning and OCR of index of the Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (1892-2005), about 31,000 lines; conversion to MySQL database and querying using PHP (
  • researched and wrote Report to The National Museum of Ireland Irish Antiquities Division: Proposal to scan 35mm and large format colour transparencies (2006) – this report that set out desirable technical deliverables for the project was used as the basis for the tender document
  • commissioned by an Irish company, that holds significant art objects in trust, to design and create an assets management database and add content to it; all sufficient to meet audit standard (2006; and maintenance)
  • designed and created Microsoft Access runners database for the Cork City Marathon (2007 and 2008)
  • designed The Hunt Museum Archives database and implementing online version linked to the online museum catalogue (2005)
  • substantially upgraded the content and structure of The Hunt Museum Catalogue database in Microsoft Access to attain museum standards; authored help manual and website (incl. thesaurus intranet) (2004); designing and implementing the online catalogue (2005); supervised a major update to the Catalogue database content, including provenance research information, and copy-editing entire catalogue contents (2,530 records)
  • designed and created website for the 11th Annual European Association of Archaeologists Conference (, held in Cork (2005)
  • digitisation of departmental slide collection, Department of Archaeology, UCC (2004)
  • University College Cork, Documents of Ireland project: Project Manager (2000-2003) incl. specification of hardware and software for new digital humanities laboratory, markup of texts using XML, creation of SGML database ingesting data from seven projects
  • University College Cork, CELT project: Managing Editor (1997-98) incl. scanning and SGML markup of text
  • Royal Irish Academy, CURIA project: Managing Editor (1996-97) incl. scanning and SGML markup of text
  • Royal Historical Society British Bibliographies (RHSBB) project: Member of the Executive Board/ Edition Manager/ Senior Research Associate (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge) (1990-96) incl. database design and management (250,000 records), administrative duties, personnel, liaison with editors worldwide etc. This database continues to be published as the online Bibliography of British and Irish History.