Beginning to start lecturing

Do you love talking about your favourite subject? If so, then with a bit of help you too can stand up in front of a crowd (of interested people) and let others know what you’ve found out through your research.

With the help of Powerpoint (or similar software) it has become very easy to create presentations that will help you become a successful talker. Unless you’re a confident speaker already, do not begin with very large groups or venues. Do not attempt to speak impromptu without cards or a presentation until you are completely comfortable with public speaking.

Local groups (e.g. local history) are usually keen to hear from new speakers especially if your area is unusual or has a different approach. So, develop a topic and then let people know that you are willing to speak. If you are nervous (and who isn’t?) start with smaller groups. Other possible groups include ‘Friends of …’ [whatever library, cathedral, gallery or museum in your area] that are often seeking speakers. To find out about potential groups it’s a good idea to ask in the local library or archives; the local newspaper might also give you some pointers.

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